• I plan to work with Chief Sentner to create a more structured scheduling process, a simple business continuity plan, and a measureable goal outline for daily shifts in order to minimize police overtime spending.
  • Consolidation of common services between Bellevue and Avalon. The swimming pools, libraries and public works departments are all opportunity to share equipment and resources, which saves money, and provides both communities more accessibility and variety in programs offered.
  • Increase borough revenue through code enforcement. We will see an increase in ticket revenue as unsafe driving and parking habits are enforced and litterers are penalized. Bellevue will earn money as streets become cleaner and safer.

Building a Safe and Inclusive Bellevue

  • As mayor, I will actively seek the needs of everyone in our community, regardless of race, religion, social status, sex, or sexual orientation to ensure Bellevue is moving toward a future inclusive and benefiting our diverse community.
  • I will move forward with an initiative to have all members of Bellevue government take part in diversity and sensitivity training.
  • I will make every meeting and initiative in Bellevue easily accessible for everyone through an increased online presence and transparent, unbiased approach to reporting.
  • New initiatives to rid Bellevue of drug dealers is necessary. We cannot keep doing the same practices and expecting new results. We have to begin holding landlords responsible for illegal activity happening in their buildings.

Enhance Lincoln Avenue

My best approach to rebuilding our business district would be to emulate the success stories of neighboring communities. I have a meeting scheduled with Dormont’s borough manager to learn about success stories and obstacles that the area has faced over the past few years of revitalization without gentrification.

  • I spoke with Adam Ravenstahl's office about grants available to help with storefront revitalization.
  • I have been researching the temporary tax breaks other local thriving business districts have provided to new businesses to move into the area. This would be a great way for start-ups to get their footing and incentivize them to stay.
  • Based on the suggestion of a community member, I would like to have an incubator or Pittsburgh Public Market-style organization where start-ups can begin to build their businesses. This would feed the business district by building a competitive marketplace, repurposing empty buildings, and encouraging young entrepreneurs.
  • Host a monthly community dinner where we feature a section of Bellevue, set up tables and chairs, and invite food trucks and different venders to attend. This is a great way for neighbors to meet and the community to come together, and yet another way to get start-ups invested in Bellevue and fill our empty store fronts.

Bellevue Youth Initiative

I plan to support and work with Northgate School District and the school board to take advantage of opportunities to better the lives of children in our community.

We have the ability to elect a uniquely motivated and qualified school board that will prove to an informed and active advocate for our school district. I look forward to supporting and working with our school board to build a better, equal future for Bellevue’s children.

Programs I would like to build in Bellevue:

  • STEM programs
  • No Child Goes to Bed Hungry
  • Drug Prevention
  • After School Activities