I ran for Bellevue Mayor for one reason: I'm the best person for the job. Sure, I have the fresh vision and new ideas this CEO position needs, but I’m also a master manager with experience in budget, finance, and organization. In addition, I’m a true blue lifelong Democrat. And our Democratic Primary Mayoral race did not have a candidate who fit that description.

If not me, then who? I’m not the type to sit back and listen to “No.” My education, professional experience, and activist experience qualifies me. And just as important, because I’m running, I’m giving my borough a Real Democrat in the race.

I’m running because I’m pushed by my fierce commitment to progressive, Democratic values combined with my boots-on-the-ground activist history. Party matters. You know my values. You know where I stand. I will speak the truth. My decision to run for Bellevue Mayor came from my strong sense of duty and my fervent desire to serve my community.

I have the progressive, Democratic values and energized motivation that can give Bellevue the edge it needs to become the gem of the North Boroughs.


That’s the Bellevue I see. The one that’s been my home for almost 7 years. That’s the reason my husband and I purchased our home here, each at 23 years old. After researching all over the Pittsburgh region, Bellevue won out. I’m a regular fixture at the North Boroughs YMCA and Vital Glow Yoga. You’ve probably seen me walking my dog all over our neighborhood and heading to Bellevue Dog Woods. Since Frank and I started remodeling our kitchen (work-in-progress!) I’m a frequent shopper at T&M Hardware. I get cakes for special occasions at Lincoln Bakery (delicious!), I scramble in the morning to have time for Bean-Thru and order pizza from Luigi’s, maybe a little too often. I love Bellevue because I see our town as an amazing and diverse community with potential for a thriving school district, housing market, and business district. I envision Bellevue as a future model for progressive and flourishing small town communities throughout our region and nation.

Education and Experience

I’m confident in my professional qualifications and experience because hard work combined with vision is the reason I get up in the morning. I achieved my M.B.A. in Management from Point Park University. That’s where I studied for my B.A. with a double major in Journalism and Mass Communication and Applied History. I interned as a journalist at a newspaper in Dublin before I began my career in finance and budget. I worked in management for 4 years with First Third Bank where I assisted low-to-middle income families in a capacity to help them budget, raise their credit score and ideally, purchase a home.

Management and Political Organizing

My professional background gives me the confidence to manage our large borough budget. As the head of the Bellevue Police Department I plan to continue my support of Chief Sentner who has already shared with me the department’s needs and primary issues. I also have a solid record as a political activist and organizer. I’ve always been involved in local politics and charities. I’ve already contributed to Bayne Library and am planning additional donations to local youth groups that need funds, equipment or resources. I am co-organizer of PGH for Progress, which I started post-election. I’ve also organized fundraisers for progressive organizations, raced for charity, volunteered with homeless shelters and supported animal organizations. I also give blood regularly because I believe contributions and support (in whatever form) are a civic duty.

My Pledge

As Bellevue’s mayor, I plan to streamline the budget, support the police department and organize, create or assist a range of activities and local groups committed to children, our schools, and our most vulnerable communities. I’m the mayor you can count on to ceaselessly work to make my vision of Bellevue our shared reality.